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Are you looking for a company that can provide you with quality lawn treatment services? Look no further. Get in touch with us today.

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Whether you're looking for lawn mowing services or processes such as scarification, get in touch with us. We provide a wide range of treatments for the lawn at competitive prices. Our team is responsible and will carry out the job with utmost care without disturbing your daily routine. If you're looking to hire lawn specialists in Chester and the surrounding areas, contact Green Grow Lawn Care. Take a look at some of our previous projects.

4 Pre-scheduled Lawn Treatments per year

Weed & Moss Control / Fertilisers

  1. Spring Treatments
  2. Early Summer Treatments
  3. Late Summer Treatments
  4. Autumn/Winter Treatments
Diseased Treatments - some lawn problems require special treatments at an additional cost.

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Moss & Thatch Removal

Scarification is the mechanical process of removing surface thatch from the lawn. Thatch is made up of a growing layer of dead organic matter and tends to prevent air, water and nutrients from reaching the soil and grass roots below. If this process is left to occur, moss can begin to grow and eventually spread across the lawn.
The machine used for this process has piercing tungsten blades that cut into the lawn vertically, removing harmful thatch while also providing a thinning effect. The depth of the blades can also be adjusted to suit the needs of specific lawns.


Allows more Air & Water into Root Zone

Like most living things, grass requires air to survive and develop naturally. Aeration is the process of improving a lawn’s ability to obtain air through its root system, allowing the grass to grow naturally and healthily without the interference of lawn-related diseases.
Hollow-Tine Aeration is considered to be the most effective method of aeration. This technique involves pulling thousands of individual cores out of the lawn, allowing moisture, air and valuable nutrients to reach the sub-surface root system. This process thins the thatch build-up on the lawn while also relieving what is known as sub-surface compaction.
Solid Tine Aeration is used to provide similar benefits but, instead of pulling cores out of the turf, the process simply forces holes using solid spikes. While Hollow-Tine Aeration is often considered more effective, a Solid-Tine process can be suited to certain types of lawn.

Garden cleanup

Scarification & Aeration - when?

When should my lawn be scarified?
The scarification process is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn. This is especially true during the periods of the year when the potential for new diseases growing is particularly high. These periods tend to be in the months around autumn and spring. All lawns, however, have individual characteristics. Some lawns will produce more thatch than others, for example, so it can be challenging to predict any kind of required frequency.

It is quite normal for a lawn to need scarification between once a year and once every three years. However, for a more accurate idea, please get in touch with us. Here at Green Grow Lawn Care, we’d be happy to offer advice based your individual situation.
When should my lawn be aerated?
Aeration should be considered a vital part of general lawn care. A lawn cannot be aerated too often as such, but as a general rule we suggest the process should be carried out somewhere between once a year and once every three years. However, as all lawns are generally unique in their growing habits, we recommend speaking to us at Green Grow, where we’d be more than happy to offer advice based on your own situation.

Quality Lawn Mowing Services

Lawn mowing might be the most basic part of gardening, but it involves a lot of skill and knowledge. And, this is where we have an edge over our competitors. Headed by a lawn care expert, our team has extensive experience in mowing different types of grasses and season dependent techniques. Contact us and we'll help you your lawn clean and tidy. Grass, nature's carpet.
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